It’s 3;37 AM and I can’t sleep so I’ve chosen to return to something that I’ve been hiding from which is obviously my blog. As you can see I have major commitment issues and I suppose that might be an issue for me in the future but I’ll tell you more about that in the future but for now let’s get right to it.
During these past few weeks I’ve observed how people backstab each other in the name of love, competition or jealousy. I know that most of us have been in tricky situations and in the end we realize that we’ve all been too busy worrying about the little things and hurting each other that we often forget or realize how powerful we can be if we work with each other instead of against each other. So I’ve decided to sit down and write about what I’ve learnt in these past few weeks.

Lesson number 1: We can’t hold hands forever.
I won’t be able to hold anyone’s hand when I’m going to heaven (I hope I’m going to heaven) because if God told me that I was going to heaven and my friend was going to hell I would think twice before holding my friend’s hand because when they’re thrown down into hell and I’m still holding my friend’s hand I won’t look forward to eternal suffering and if it was the other way round neither would my friend, so in terms of attachment it’s good to treasure someone but in the end the sad truth is that we’re all on our own and there are certain things we need to do alone. but living without company scares me so I treasure the good friendships while I’m still alive.

‘Holding hands is a promise to one another that, for just a moment, the two of you don’t have to face the world alone.’ – unknown

It’s not bad to hold hands but it makes me sad that we’re going to have to let go at some point, but on the bright side I’ve heard that love lasts but they also say that love is only true if it hurts, but from my perspective love doesn’t have to hurt to be true but it is possible to love until it hurts.

Lesson number 2: “It’s better to be evil than stupid.” – Benaiah.
I just agreed with his statement at the time but I know deep down that I should’ve said more, and if I could go back I would’ve said this, “Fighting for what you love isn’t evil unless you make unnecessary choices to hurt people when it is not needed. As for stupidity, sitting and hoping that the thing you love is going to come to you when clearly someone else is fighting for it is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s not bad to play your cards at the right time but actions speak louder than words so if you’re not ready to fight for what you love then you might as well throw in the towel because while there’s a saying that it’s never too late, there’s also another one that states that if you snooze you lose. So it’s not about being evil, it’s about being smart and actually doing something while being empathetic of course.”

Lesson number 3: “The truth usually hurts.”
If we were in a perfect world with overly mature people we would be able to make mature decisions and compromise where needed in order to live in perfect harmony right? But not in our world, in our world it’s more complicated. Have you ever been in a situation where you start of as innocent and everything is perfect then you tell one lie to protect the person you’re lying to and yourself (mostly yourself) and then a few weeks/months down the line you’ve turned into a complete devil? Well that’s what I’ve been through,sometimes to get what you want a few people may get hurt but it doesn’t have to be that way, personally I’m scared of what the truth can do because these days people use the truth to hurt one another in the name of the truth. Brutal honesty is necessary at times but let’s sit down and think about how we would feel if someone came to us and delivered the truth in such a harsh way and yet we still wonder why people tell lies? We tell lies to protect ourselves and at times to maintain peace but that doesn’t make lying ok so I’ve learnt that it’s better to build a foundation based on the truth even if it’s not going to be easy rather than lie only to come back and tell the truth in shame. (Tell the truth or say nothing)

Lesson number 4: Don’t make unnecessary enemies.
Last week I was talking to someone and she was asking me why my friend talks to a girl she supposedly claims that she doesn’t like and I said that I didn’t know because I was really hungry at the time and couldn’t be bothered, but now I can tell you why. Personally I’d rather be fake towards you and avoid you as much as I can than tell you that I don’t like you for no reason, but to be honest if you’ve done nothing to me and I don’t like you it’s probably because I don’t respect the things that you do or how you treat other people but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s normal to persevere in uncomfortable situations to avoid conflict but if someone is pushing your buttons continuously for no reason just remember ‘Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much.’

Lesson 5: Broken Angels.
Broken Angel – Someone who changed due to letting their bad experiences define them.
Well at least that’s my definition of the term. I’m a Broken Angel, or at least I was at some point in my life when I gave up on all hope of being attached to someone, I didn’t see the point in being loyal to someone who repeatedly gave you every reason to doubt them and their motives, so I stopped trying and blamed it on past experiences, but one day the Broken Angel woke up and pieced herself back together because on that day she couldn’t feel anything but happiness. She knew that she was over it and everyone who proved to be a liability in her life, she stopped letting her bad experiences define her and decided that she was going to try again and again because one day she knew that something beautiful would come out of her efforts so instead of giving up despite all that happened she remembered something, ‘Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.’